The Series-Episode Synopses
"Caroline and the Cat Dancer"

EMMY AWARD WINNER DAVID HYDE PIERCE (FRAISER) GUESTSTARS -- When Annie (Amy Pietz) finds herself being audited by IRS agent Jimmy Callahan (guest-star David Hyde Pierce) she misconstrues his friendly manner for amorous interest, but Jimmy has an alternate agenda that makes purr-fect sense to him. Meanwhile, Caroline's (Lea Thompson) new boyfriend, Joe (guest-star Mark Feuerstein, Fired Up), is frustrated by Caroline's friendly relationship with her ex-fiancé, Del (Eric Lutes). Elsewhere, Richard (Malcolm Gets) has trouble adjusting to his new apartment where some of his neighbors are less than neighborly. Andy Lauer and Amy Pietz also star. Cathy Ladman also guest-stars.

"Caroline and the Younger Man"

SEASON PREMIERE BRINGS NEW BEAU WOES FOR CAROLINE -- Caroline (Lea Thompson) is thrilled when romantic sparks fly between her and the emergency room veterinarian (guest-star Mark Feuerstein, Fired Up) who treats Salty for a minor injury. But later her excitement wanes when she contemplates the age difference between her and her new beau. Meanwhile, Richard (Malcolm Gets) is an American in Paris as he pines away for Caroline through a series of paintings inspired by his broken heart. Eric Lutes, Amy Pietz and Andy Lauer also star. Lauren Graham guest-stars.

"Caroline and the Letter"

RICHARD REUNION -- When Caroline (Lea Thompson) finally discovers that Richard (Malcolm Gets) is back in New York, she offers him his old position back and Richard must decide if he wants to be in Caroline's life again. Meanwhile, upon realizing that Caroline never saw his love letter, Richard swiftly makes plans to retrieve the lost lovelorn missive. Later, Caroline's pregnant friend, Vicki (guest-star Tia Riebling), goes into an early labor, forcing Caroline, Richard and Annie (Amy Pietz) to immediately take on midwife roles. Eric Lutes and Andy Lauer also star. Mark Feuerstein, Jonathan Slavin and Angela Paton guest-star.

"Caroline And The Guy Who Gets There Too Soon"

HE SAID, SHE...CAN'T SAY IT -- When Caroline's young boyfriend, Joe (guest- star Mark Feuerstein, Fired Up), declares his undying love for her, she realizes that she is not ready for that level of commitment. Later, Caroline decides to cool off the relationship and date a man (guest-star Cameron Watson) considerably more mature than Joe, but is surprisingly less than impressed by his adult manner. Elsewhere, Richard (Malcolm Gets), who never learned to drive, inherits a classic car from his 90-year-old aunt, and Del (Eric Lutes) and Annie (Amy Pietz) try to teach a very nervous Richard the tricks of driving in New York City. Andy Lauer also stars.

"Caroline and the Therapist"

RENEE TAYLOR AND VALERIE MAHAFFEY GUEST-STAR -- When Caroline (Lea Thompson) observes that her pet cat Salty is troubled, she consults her veterinarian-boyfriend, Joe (guest-star Mark Feuerstein, Fired Up), who suggests taking Salty to eccentric cat therapist Alicia Crawford-Lane (Emmy winner Valerie Mahaffey, Northern Exposure, Wings). Later, Caroline locates Richard's (Malcolm Gets) old elementary school teacher, Mrs. Fox (guest-star Renee Taylor, The Nanny), in an effort to get to the heart of Richard's fear of animals. Meanwhile, Del (Eric Lutes) and Charlie (Andy Lauer) discover the many cycles of pleasure and pain as their search for love unfolds at the local Laundromat. Elsewhere, Annie (Amy Pietz) tries to appease her mother's (guest star Candice Azzara) efforts to set her up on a blind date. Tom La Grua also stars.

"Caroline and the Dreamers"

RUDE AWAKENINGS -- Richard's (Malcolm Gets) dream of being a paid artist comes true when he is commissioned to paint a mural for New York City. However, his jubilation wanes when he learns that the neighborhood is one of the most dangerous in town, and he finds himself face-to-face with some local hoods who aren't exactly patrons of the arts. Meanwhile, Del (Eric Lutes) decides to branch out into merchandising, but in order to do so he has to leave Cassidy Greeting Cards to start his own company, forcing Caroline (Lea Thompson) to choose between good business and her friendship with Del. Amy Pietz and Andy Lauer also star.

"Caroline and The Freight King"

THE ARTIST'S WAY -- Another side of Caroline's (Lea Thompson) artistic expression -her dream of being a ballerina -- is revealed when she is locked in a Laundromat overnight with a homeless man (guest star Harry Groener on Mad About You). Meanwhile, Richard (Malcolm Gets) accidentally reveals some of his personal drawings to Del (Eric Lutes), who discovers his hidden cartoonist talents and pushes a reluctant Richard into the commercial world, forcing Richard to struggle with his artistic soul. Elsewhere, Annie (Amy Pietz) is continually haunted by a returning five-dollar bill that she sees as a terrible omen. Andy Lauer also stars. Candace Azzara and Cathy Ladman guest-star.

"Caroline and the Red Sauce"

RECIPE FOR CHAOS -- When Annie's (Amy Pietz) mother (guest star Candice Azzara) shows up on Annie's doorstep with suitcase in hand, Caroline (Lea Thompson) finds herself caught in the middle of a mother and daughter war, but she soon discovers this is the least of Annie's troubles when it comes to battling relatives. Meanwhile, Richard (Malcolm Gets) tries to make a little extra holiday money by working as a department store gift wrapper. However, the job turns chaotic when Richard misplaces a difficult customer's special gift. Elsewhere, Del (Eric Lutes) has his hands full at the office when Charlie (Andy Lauer) hires a new secretary (guest-star Suzanne Cryer) without thoroughly checking her references. Tom La Grua also stars. Louis Giambalvo guest-stars as Annie's father.

"Caroline and Victor/Victoria"

JULIE ANDREWS LENDS VOICE FOR AUDIO CAMEO; HOWARD DEUTCH (GRUMPY OLD MEN) DIRECTS -- In an episode directed by Lea Thompson's husband, Howard Deutch, Annie (Amy Pietz) takes a reluctant Caroline (Lea Thompson) on a wild ride to Broadway where Annie intends to approach Oscar winner Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins, The Sound Of Music, guest-starring as herself in special voiceover) in order to plead for an audition as her understudy in Victor/Victoria. Later, when Annie actually lands the audition, she becomes a threat to Del (Eric Lutes) on the dating scene while she goes undercover as a man to research her part. Meanwhile, when Richard (Malcolm Gets) learns that he must have minor surgery, Caroline helps him through his panic attacks while he reluctantly enters the hospital, but it's Caroline who may need medical attention when she hears Richard utter the "L" word to her just before going into surgery. Andy Lauer and Tom La Grua also star.

"Caroline and The Nice Jewish Boy"

DEL'S CHARADE -- When gentile Del (Eric Lutes) falls for Risa Glickman (guest- star Rena Sofer, General Hospital), who only dates Jewish men, he takes drastic measures to pretend that he is Jewish -- a fact that's hard to prove at a Glickman family dinner. Meanwhile, when Joe (Mark Feuerstein, Fired Up) can't be Caroline's (Lea Thompson) date to an event where she will be honored for "Caroline in the City," a reluctant Richard (Malcolm Gets) finally agrees to be her escort. The two share a very romantic dance, only to face a surprise interruption. Amy Pietz, Andy Lauer and Tom La Grua also star.

"Caroline and the Comic"

EMMY WINNER JUDD HIRSCH (TAXI, DEAR JOHN), JACK CARTER AND COMEDIAN JOHN BYNER GUEST-STAR -- Caroline (Lea Thompson) discovers that Richard's (Malcolm Gets) father is a former vaudeville comic, Ben Karinsky (guest-star Judd Hirsch), and tries to reunite him with a reluctant Richard, who harbors ill feelings toward his father. Meanwhile, when Caroline and Annie (Amy Pietz) talk Ben into performing for a local charity, after they witness his old act at The Museum of Broadcasting (with guest-star John Byner as the emcee and guest star Jack Carter as himself), a mid-show glitch promises to bring father and son a little closer. At the museum, Charlie (Andy Lauer) discovers the funny treasures of "The Honeymooners," thus beginning an obsession with Ralph Kramden's goofy neighbor, Ed Norton. Eric Lutes and Tom La Grua also star.

"Caroline and The Perfect Record"

THE DATING GAME -- Caroline (Lea Thompson) and Joe's (guest-star Mark Feuerstein) romance takes a nosedive when his ex-girlfriend, Lisa (guest-star Rebecca Cross), returns from her Greenpeace mission and seeks shelter at Joe's apartment. When a drunk and despondent Caroline shows up at Richard's (Malcolm Gets) door to cry on his shoulder, Richard finds himself wrestling with his strongest impulses: attraction and chivalry. Meanwhile, Annie (Amy Pietz) is livid when her Œperfect record' of never being stood up is in jeopardy. Eric Lutes and Andy Lauer also star.

"Caroline and the Kept Man"

ROSE MARIE (THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW) GUEST-STARS -- Del (Eric Lutes) brings one of Richard's (Malcom Gets) paintings to a posh country club to impress a girl, but the best impression is made on wealthy socialite Gina Pennetti Schmidt (guest-star Ann Magnuson, Anything But Love), much to Richard's delight. However, when Richard thinks that Gina has taken him under her wing for something more than his art, one false move could destroy his artistic ambitions. Meanwhile, Caroline (Lea Thompson) decides that charity work, rather than another man, is just what she needs, and she begins reading to the elderly, finding a surprise in her first listener, Stella (guest-star Rose Marie, The Dick Van Dyke Show), who had earlier sold Caroline her antique partner's desk. Elsewhere, Annie (Amy Pietz) is enjoying the attention she's receiving from her first television commercial. Andy Lauer and Tom La Grua also star.

"Caroline and the Singer"

MACKENZIE PHILLIPS GUEST-STARS -- When Annie's (Amy Pietz) sister, Donna (guest-star Mackenzie Phillips, One Day At A Time), visits New York in hopes of resurrecting her fading career as a pop star, she finds the love letter that Richard (Malcolm Gets) hid from Caroline (Lea Thompson) and decides to turn his words into lyrics. Meanwhile, it's fashion vs. passion when Caroline struggles with calling ex-boyfriend Joe (guest-star Mark Feuerstein, Fired Up) to retrieve her favorite pair of shoes. Elsewhere, Del (Eric Lutes) and Charlie (Andy Lauer) are delayed for an important meeting while they are caught in a big snowstorm in downtown Manhattan. Candice Azzara also guest-stars as Annie's mother, Angie Spadaro.

"Caroline and the Buyer"

GEORGE SEGAL GUEST-STARS -- When Caroline (Lea Thompson) supports Del (Eric Lutes) in his efforts to expand business for her "Caroline in the City" cartoon strip and merchandise, she doesn't realize that her midwestern charm has misled Del's new prospective buyer, Bob Anderson (guest-star George Segal, Just Shoot Me), into thinking that Caroline has more to sell than her drawings. Also, Annie (Amy Pietz) is at wit's end with her visiting mother (guest-star Candice Azzara), although Richard (Malcolm Gets) seems to bask in the glow of Mrs. Spadaro's motherly love. Andy Lauer and Tom La Grua also star.

"Caroline and the Monkeys"

HELEN SLATER GUEST-STARS -- Caroline (Lea Thompson), who is trying to face single life bravely, tries her hand at an evening on the town alone, with a little coaching from Richard (Malcolm Gets), who is quite familiar with a Œtable for one.' Meanwhile, Annie (Amy Pietz) can't shake her crazy friend, Cassandra (guest-star Helen Slater, City Slickers), who seems fine after her recent release from a sanitarium, but whose dark side resurfaces when Annie introduces her to the unsuspecting Del (Eric Lutes). Elsewhere, Charlie (Andy Lauer) turns paranoid when he's the only one who spots a monkey on the streets of Manhattan. Tom La Grua also stars.

"Caroline and the Long Shot"

FRENCH STEWART AND NEW YORK KNICKS CITY DANCERS GUEST-STAR -- Caroline (Lea Thompson) cheers Richard (Malcolm Gets) on when he gets the chance to win big money by making the half-court free-throw shot at a New York Knicks game. Less than skilled at shooting hoops, Richard lets Del (Eric Lutes) and Charlie (Andy Lauer) coach him with their best basketball tips. An eager reporter (guest-star French Stewart, 3rd Rock from the Sun) is assigned to cover Richard's story, while the New York Knicks City Dancers (guest-starring as themselves) provide support for Richard during his moment in center court. Elsewhere, Annie's (Amy Pietz) mother (guest-star Candice Azzara) is comforted by (Tom La Grua) in a moment of need, much to Annie's dismay.

"Caroline and the Getaway"

GIRL TALK -- Caroline (Lea Thompson) feels that Annie (Amy Pietz) consistently chooses the men in her life over their friendship and challenges Annie to take a girls-only trip, but chaos ensues when they take a trip together and both girls find romance at a local ski resort. Meanwhile, Richard (Malcolm Gets) thinks he's met the intellectual girl (guest-star Jessica Stone, Mr. Rhodes) of his dreams, but constant interruptions from Del (Eric Lutes) and Charlie (Andy Lauer) may keep the romance at bay.

"Caroline and the Dearly Departed"

DAN BUTLER REPRISES ROLE AS ART DEALER -- Richard (Malcolm Gets) finds himself in a life-or-death predicament when Caroline (Lea Thompson) aims to boost the value of his work by convincing influential art columnist Hilton Traynor (guest- star and Tony Award-winner John Glover, Love, Valor, Compassion!) that Richard is a deceased artist. The plan backfires when Traynor and art dealer Kenneth Arabian (guest-star Dan Butler, Frasier) attend the Karinsky funeral. Also, Annie meets a casting director (guest-star Brent Jasmer, The Bold and The Beautiful), whom she plans on impressing with her dramatic eulogy. Eric Lutes and Andy Lauer also star.

"Caroline and the New Neighbor"

STEVE PAYMER GUEST-STARS -- Caroline's (Lea Thompson) naive, helpful nature comes out in full bloom when she starts catering to her new elderly neighbor, Miriam (guest-star and Tony Award winner Marilyn Cooper, Woman of the Year), but Annie (Amy Pietz) thinks Caroline is being taken advantage of. Later, when Miriam's husband, Walter (guest-star Phil Leeds, Double Rush, The Larry Sanders Show) dies, Annie and Caroline are put to the test when Miriam's requests increase. Elsewhere, Richard (Malcolm Gets) has trouble trying to sell his antique car and ends up getting taken for a ride by a blind man (guest-star Steve Paymer, Boston Common), while Charlie (Andy Lauer) is obsessively attracted to a Remo's employee (guest-star Martha Romo), and Del (Eric Lutes) is certain that he's lost his youthful charm. John Mariano also stars.

"Caroline and the Ombudsman"

HAVING A SUPER DAY -- Caroline (Lea Thompson) has difficulty confronting her neglectful building superintendent, Mr. Tedescu (guest-star Brian George), about her faulty plumbing, so she hires a mediator (Robert Costanzo, NYPD Blue) to pressure Mr. Tedescu into taking care of her request. Later, Caroline panics when she suspects that her Œombudsman' may be a hit man. Elsewhere, a disenchanted Annie (Amy Pietz) celebrates a milestone theatrical performance in "Cats," but she later proves that her acting skills are still top-notch when she helps a theater fan (Alan Oppenheimer, Murphy Brown) repair his tenuous marriage. Malcolm Gets, Eric Lutes, Andy Lauer and Tom La Grua also star.

"Caroline and the Bad Trip"

ELIZABETH ASHLEY REPRISES ROLE OF RICHARD'S JET-SETTING MOTHER; BILL DAILY AND JAY LENO GUEST-STAR -- Caroline (Lea Thompson) is thrilled when her agent lands her an appearance on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" (guest-starring as himself), and she takes Annie (Amy Pietz) along for the trip to Los Angeles. But, Caroline runs into trouble when she accidentally absorbs a questionable substance in a cab ride on the way to her big television debut. Meanwhile, Richard's (Malcolm Gets) mother, Natalie (guest-star Elizabeth Ashley, Evening Shade), makes a quick stop in New York to reveal who Richard's real father was; Charlie (Andy Lauer) thinks he has finally found his own real father (guest-star Bill Daily, I Dream of Jeannie, Newhart); and Del (Eric Lutes) tries to teach Richard how to pick up women, which backfires until Richard unexpectedly runs into his former true love, Julia (guest-star Sofia Milos, Cafe Americain).

"Caroline and the Critics"

ROAD TRIPPED -- When Caroline (Lea Thompson) discovers that only one newspaper in the country has not renewed her cartoon strip, she obsesses on the matter until finally convincing herself to face the editors in person, taking a reluctant Richard (Malcolm Gets) with her on a spontaneous road trip. Meanwhile, Annie (Amy Pietz) is so hurt by an unfair review of one of her theatrical performances that she vows to seek revenge on the heartless stage critic (guest-star Raye Birk). Eric Lutes and Andy Lauer also star.

"Caroline and Richard & Julia"

CHAD EVERETT GUEST-STARS -- Richard (Malcolm Gets) is stunned when his former love, Julia (guest-star Sofia Milos, Cafe Americain), informs him that she is about to be married and, to further complicate matters of the heart, Richard convinces Caroline (Lea Thompson) to pretend that she is his wife. Meanwhile, Annie (Amy Pietz) lands a part in a television show in Los Angeles, and soon begins assuming the role of a true starlet, leaving Caroline wondering if she's lost her best friend forever. Elsewhere, Del is convinced that his business is going under and seeks financial help from his larger-than-life father, King Cassidy (guest-star Chad Everett, Medical Center). Andy Lauer also stars.

"Caroline and the Wayward Husband"

SHADOE STEVENS GUEST-STARS--In the ongoing charade of Caroline (Lea Thompson) pretending that she and Richard (Malcolm Gets) are married, the moment of truth arrives: it's bedtime, and Richard is a wreck. Meanwhile, Julia (guest-star Sofia Milos, Cafe Americain) and Richard share a romantic moment, forcing Caroline to realize her true feelings for Richard. Elsewhere, Annie (Amy Pietz) begins work on her new television show with co-star Shadoe Stevens (Dave's World, guest-starring as himself), but her skills as an actress are not exactly entertaining. Andy Lauer and Tom La Grua also star.