The Series-Episode Synopses

SERIES PREMIERE -- Caroline Duffy (Lea Thompson) has her professional life just the way she wants it. "Caroline in the City," the comic strip she created, turned into merchandising gold with an array of greeting cards, books and calendars. Carolinešs personal life is not quite as golden, but it serves as an endless source of material for her strip. In this series premiere, Caroline breaks up with her boyfriend, greeting card company owner Del Cassidy (Eric Lutes), and is infuriated when she finds out that Del not only has a date so soon after the break-up, but plans to bring the date to "their" restaurant. In desperation, Caroline announces that she too has a date the same night, at the same restaurant. When her attempts at finding a date on short notice prove fruitless, she enlists the help of Richard Karinsky (Malcolm Gets), her new assistant/colorist. Also starring Amy Pietz.

"Caroline and the Bad Back"

I HAVEN'T GOT TIME FOR THE PAIN -- When Caroline (Lea Thompson) and Del (Eric Lutes) get carried away competing on the racquetball court, Caroline injures her back and ends up confined to bed. Meanwhile, Del and Richard (Malcolm Gets) scramble to complete Caroline's unfinished cartoon to meet her rapidly approaching deadline and -- to their surprise -- the two polar opposites find common ground. Amy Pietz, Andy Lauer also star. Gerry McIntryre guest stars.

"Caroline and the Mugger"

CRIME DOESN'T PAY -- Caroline (Lea Thompson) and Del (Eric Lutes) are moments away from departing for a weekend trip to Atlantic City when Richard (Malcolm Gets) bursts into the apartment with news that he has been mugged, losing not just his wallet, but his portfolio containing Caroline's drawings as well. Realizing that she must stay behind to recreate her cartoons, Caroline encourages Del to go on the trip without her. Meanwhile, Caroline offers advice to help Richard deal with the trauma of being a crime victim, but she ends up getting him into more trouble. Amy Pietz also stars.

"Caroline and the Condom"

LOVE DIET -- Caroline (Lea Thompson) decides that if she and Del (Eric Lutes) resume dating they should abstain from lovemaking for a fortnight and instead focus on what's at the core of their relationship. But when it looks like they'll weaken within a week, she's driven to a desperate act that could ruin her reputation and land her in jail. Also, working in Caroline's home creates conflict for Richard (Malcolm Gets) over the boundary between his and her personal and professional lives. Also starring Amy Pietz and Andy Lauer.

"Caroline and the Convict"

GETTING TO KNOW YOU -- When Caroline (Lea Thompson) and Del (Eric Lutes) agree to go to dinner with Annie (Amy Pietz) and Warren (guest-star Tim Conlon), her new boyfriend, they find that Annie left out one minor detail about his background -- Warren's an ex-convict with a burglary record. Later, when Caroline's apartment is robbed, she is faced with telling Annie that she suspects Warren, and the two friends end up at odds with each other. Meanwhile, Caroline encourages Richard (Malcolm Gets) to bring something from home to the office to personalize his workspace, but has second thoughts when he brings in a hideous painting.

"Caroline and the Gay Art Show"

DAN BUTLER OF FRASIER GUEST-STARS -- Caroline (Lea Thompson) and Annie (Amy Pietz) scheme to get Richard's (Malcolm Gets) paintings displayed in a prestigious gallery, and he's thrilled when their efforts earn him the recognition of gallery owner Kenneth Arabian (guest-star Dan Butler, Frasier), until he learns that Arabian showcases art produced exclusively by gay artists. At the opening, Richard must decide if he should "out" himself as straight and risk losing a huge sale, and Del learns some lessons in diversity.

"Caroline and the Folks"

MATTHEW PERRY AND JONATHAN SILVERMAN GUEST STAR -- Caroline (Lea Thompson) dreads meeting Del's (Eric Lutes) parents for the first time, and her nerves are further frayed when she mistakes the wrong woman for Del's mother. Also, while waiting for a delayed Del to show up, she and fellow diner Jonathan Eliot (Jonathan Silverman, The Single Guy) find they both have something in common. Meanwhile, Annie (Amy Pietz) and Caroline scheme to make Richard's (Malcolm Gets) 30th birthday exciting, but Richard would rather spend a quiet evening at home watching his favorite video. Later, Annie accompanies Richard to the video store and she attracts the attention of video customer Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry, Friends). Andy Lauer, Tom La Grua, John Mariano, Constance Towers, Lou Felder, Jeff Garvin and Elisa Heinsohn also star.

"Caroline and the ATM"

UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL -- When Caroline (Lea Thompson) gets stiffed at her ATM, she meets with bank personnel to retrieve her money. However, because the surveillance camera captured her in an awkward moment, she's too embarrassed to let the bank manager view the tape of her transaction. Meanwhile, Richard finds it difficult to end a relationship with an unstable woman (guest-star Lauren Graham). Amy Pietz and Eric Lutes also star.

"Caroline and the Balloon"

FLORENCE HENDERSON (THE BRADY BUNCH) AND MIKE & MATY GUEST-STAR -- Caroline (Lea Thompson) lives a childhood dream when "Caroline In the City" is showcased as the newest balloon in a Thanksgiving Day Parade but when a parade snafu sets the balloon free, chaos ensues. In the meantime, Caroline's runaway balloon injures Wessonality float hostess Florence Henderson, as parade hosts Mike Berger and Maty Monfort (guest-starring as they appear on the syndicated talk show Mike and Maty) broadcast a minute-by-minute account of the holiday mishap. Meanwhile, when Richard's (Malcolm Gets) feisty girlfriend (guest-star Lauren Graham), who is an animal activist, confronts a fellow New Yorker wearing fur, she puts Richard in an awkward situation. Eric Lutes, Amy Pietz also star.

"Caroline and the Opera"

EMMY WINNER JEAN STAPLETON (ALL IN THE FAMILY) GUEST-STARS -- When Caroline's (Lea Thompson) favorite Aunt Mary (guest-star Jean Stapleton) visits, she arranges for her niece to go out on a date with an old boyfriend (guest-star Peter Krause) who is now a successful doctor. As a result, Del (Eric Lutes) feels threatened and he is determined to show Caroline the depth of his devotion. Meanwhile, Richard (Malcolm Gets) contemplates breaking up with his girlfriend (guest-star Lauren Graham) because her new-age philosophies grate on his nerves. Amy Pietz also stars.

"Caroline and the Christmas Break"

HOLIDAY HEARTACHE -- Caroline (Lea Thompson) and Del (Eric Lutes) plan a Christmas holiday in Paris with the assistance of a world-weary travel agent (guest-star Lorna Luft, singer/real-life sister to Liza Minnelli), but when they find they'll have to postpone the trip until April, Del gets a case of commitment-phobia and the couple find themselves contemplating a final break-up. Meanwhile, Richard (Malcolm Gets), in his continued quest to break up with Shelley (guest-star Lauren Graham), schemes to get Charlie (Andy Lauer) to ask her out on a date. Amy Pietz also stars.

"Caroline and the Gift"

BUYING TROUBLE -- When Caroline (Lea Thompson) finds out the Christmas gift Del (Eric Lutes) gave her might have been extremely expensive, she ponders the message he may be trying to send her about their relationship. Meanwhile, an excited Richard (Malcolm Gets) lands his first client -- a woman who wants him to paint her in the nude as a gift for her boyfriend. Amy Pietz and Tom La Grua also star.

"Caroline and the Watch" (a.k.a. "Caroline and the Funeral")

MOREY AMSTERDAM AND ROSE MARIE GUEST-STAR -- When Caroline (Lea Thompson) and Richard (Malcolm Gets) bicker over their shared workspace, Caroline finds the perfect solution when she purchases an antique partner's desk from the desk's original owners, writing and life partners Vic Stansky (guest star Morey Amsterdam, Buddy of The Dick Van Dyke Show) and Stella Dawson (guest-star Rose Marie, Sally of The Dick Van Dyke Show). Meanwhile, a guilt-ridden Del (Eric Lutes) attends the funeral of a longtime employee to whom he never gave a raise when the man was alive. Andy Lauer and Amy Pietz also star.

"Caroline and the Married Man"

FIX-UP MIX-UP -- Richard (Malcolm Gets) sets Caroline (Lea Thompson) up on a date with an art council member (guest-star Beau Gravitte) who happens to hold the key to Richard's future as a successful artist. But when he finds out the man is married, Richard wrestles with protecting a friend or furthering his career. Meanwhile, Del (Eric Lutes) finds out Caroline is dating again and goes to Annie (Amy Pietz) for advice on how to handle his mixed emotions. Andy Lauer, Tom La Grua and John Mariano also star.

"Caroline and the Twenty-Eight-Pound Walleye"

MARIETTE HARTLEY AND EARL HOLLIMAN GUEST-STAR -- When Caroline's (Lea Thompson) hometown honors her by dedicating a park in her name, she returns to Wisconsin to visit her proud parents (guest stars Mariette Hartley and Earl Holliman), but she also must face her younger brother (guest-star Paul Castree), who always manages to upstage her success. Elsewhere, Annie (Amy Pietz) performs a good deed by allowing her understudy a chance to perform in "Cats," but finds that there may be an ulterior motive behind her colleague's actions. Eric Lutes, Malcolm Gets and Andy Lauer also star.

"Caroline and the Bad Date"

DAN CORTESE GUEST-STARS -- Annie (Amy Pietz) re-introduces Caroline (Lea Thompson) to the wonderful world of dating, by taking her on a man-hunt, but when Caroline thinks she has met the perfect man (guest-star Dan Cortese, MTV Sports), she later finds that he's no love connection. Meanwhile, Del (Eric Lutes) convinces Richard (Malcolm Gets) to go out on a double date, but their fragile friendship is tested when the twosome run into an old girlfriend of Del's who only has eyes for Richard. Andy Lauer and Tom La Grua also star.

"Caroline and the Kid"

PROBLEM CHILD -- Caroline (Lea Thompson) is commissioned by a wealthy man (guest star Gregory Itzin) to draw a mural for his son, Martin (guest-star Sam Gifaldi, The Mommies), but when she and Richard (Malcolm Gets) arrive on the job, they are faced with a spoiled brat who tries their patience. Meanwhile, Del's (Eric Lutes) competitive nature surfaces when Caroline's handsome ex-boyfriend (guest-star Burke Moses) visits. Amy Pietz and Andy Lauer also star.

"Caroline and the Proposal"

SHARON LAWRENCE (NYPD BLUE) GUEST-STARS -- When Del (Eric Lutes) surprises Caroline (Lea Thompson) with a marriage proposal, Richard (Malcolm Gets) feels he no longer fits into Caroline's life and decides it's time to look for another job. However, when he walks into a job-hunter's (guest-star Sharon Lawrence) office, he becomes embroiled in a devious plan that spins out of control. In the meantime, Annie (Amy Pietz) convinces a confused Caroline that Richard has feelings for her, and Caroline confronts Richard before giving Del an answer to his proposal. Andy Lauer and Tom La Grua also star.

"Caroline and the Ex-Wife"

JOSEPH BOLOGNA AND JOELY FISHER (ELLEN) GUEST-STAR -- When Del (Eric Lutes) takes Caroline (Lea Thompson) on a spontaneous weekend trip, they unexpectedly run into Del's bitter ex-wife Jill (guest-star Joely Fisher) and her boyfriend Blair (guest star Kenny Johnson). Later, when Del learns that Jill and Blair are engaged, he is thrilled to imagine his life with one less alimony payment, however, after Blair secretly flirts with Caroline, she and Del contemplate whether to protect Jill or their future joint bank account. Meanwhile, back in New York, Richard (Malcolm Gets) is bombarded by Annie's (Amy Pietz) loud, argumentative family including her parents (guest-star Joseph Bologna, My Favorite Year and Candice Azzara), brother (guest- star, comic Adam Ferrara), and grandfather (guest-star Ralph Manza). Andy Lauer also stars.

"Caroline and the Bridesmaids"

ENGAGING BEHAVIOR -- When Caroline (Lea Thompson) entrusts Annie (Amy Pietz) with various maid-of-honor duties, she learns that Annie's strong suits aren't dependability and punctuality and their friendship becomes strained under the stress of preparing for Caroline's wedding. Also, Del (Eric Lutes) discovers that his friends are unreliable, and he turns to Richard (Malcolm Gets) in a moment of need. Christine Romeo (Lutes' real-life wife) and Kenny Williams (Pietz's real-life husband) appear in guest-starring roles as a bridesmaid and usher, respectively. Andy Lauer also stars.

"Caroline and Richard's Mom"

ELIZABETH ASHLEY AND JOHN RATZENBERGER GUEST-STAR; NBC'S WARREN LITTLEFIELD MAKES CAMEO APPEARANCE -- Caroline (Lea Thompson) helps Richard (Malcolm Gets) confront unresolved issues with his jet-setting mother, Natalie (Elizabeth Ashley, Evening Shade), when she makes a surprise visit to New York. Later, Natalie tries to impress Caroline with her business connections by introducing her to NBC Entertainment President Warren Littlefield (guest-starring as himself). Also, as Natalie prepares to move to London, she shows her apartment to a quirky potential renter (guest-star John Ratzenberger, Cheers). Eric Lutes, Amy Pietz and Andy Lauer also star.

"Caroline and the Cereal"

VICKI LEWIS (NEWSRADIO) AND MESHACH TAYLOR (DAVE'S WORLD) GUEST-STAR -- Caroline's (Lea Thompson) flamboyant agent James (guest-star Meshach Taylor) lands a cereal company deal for "Caroline in the City," but Caroline's initial delight sours when she discovers that a pushy corporate executive (guest-star Vicki Lewis) may tarnish her image with a sleazy cereal design. Meanwhile, a jittery Del (Eric Lutes) panics as his wedding day nears and he still doesn't know how to dance, but Annie (Amy Pietz) steps in to help Del overcome his fears. Malcolm Gets and Andy Lauer also star.

"Caroline and the Movie"

ROBBY BENSON AND DIRECTOR JOHN LANDIS (ANIMAL HOUSE) GUEST-STAR -- When Caroline (Lea Thompson) and Annie (Amy Pietz) discover that John Landis (guest-starring as himself) is filming a movie in their neighborhood, they jump at the chance to become extras. Annie's excitement turns to sheer bliss when she learns that her dream man, Robbie Benson (guest-starring as himself), is starring in the film. Meanwhile, Del (Eric Lutes) and Charlie (Andy Lauer) discover that Del's Porsche has been involved in a case of mistaken car identity, leading them on a wild adventure through the streets of New York. Malcolm Gets also stars.

"Caroline and the Wedding"

MICHAEL MCKEAN GUEST-STARS -- As Caroline (Lea Thompson) and Del's (Eric Lutes) wedding day nears, Caroline is confused by nervous pangs and Del experiences panic attacks. Meanwhile, Richard (Malcolm Gets) decides to confess his love to Caroline as a last-ditch effort to stop her from marrying Del, but when he thinks that her fate is sealed, he makes some hasty decisions. Also, Caroline and Del's priest is called out of town, and a new priest (guest-star Michael McKean, Saturday Night Live) takes over, but to Caroline's dismay he is far from being a comfort in her hour of need. Andy Lauer and Tom La Grua also star.